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Support Our Missionaries

Here is a list of our Montana Missionaries. We ask that you would support them in prayer and encourage them as the Lord leads you!

Assemblies of God World Missionaries - Fully Appointed

  • Nate and Tammy Lashway - Burundi, Africa

  • Toby and Melinda Magill - Mozambique

  • Anna Rosteck - Burundi, Africa

  • Shawn and Adrienne Swanson - Belgium

  • Steve and Lisa Frey - Kosovo

There are other Montana missionaries who are not listed here due to their sensitive assignments. If you feel led to get in touch with them, please see Kim.

Montana US Missionaries

  • Andrew and Ashleigh Dawson - FREE International

  • Rich and Kim Greenwald - RAM Network

  • Lance and Miska Lanning - Provision International

  • Richard and Hope Stewart - Native American Ministries

  • Joe and Jane Filancia - MAPS

  • Michael and Kim Vohs - Rocky Boy Indian Reservation

Chi Alpha Missionaries

  • Delyn Cole - National Chi Alpha

  • Scott and Anna Barnett - State Directors of Chi Alpha

  • Nathan and Katie Sgrignolli - Dillon - UM Western

  • Dylan and Laura Morss - UM and Missoula College

  • Tyler and Kimberly Boyce - MSU Northern

  • Nick and Haylee Petrusha - Carroll College and College of Tech

  • Timbo and Carolyn Anderson - MSU

  • Titus and Jackie Bergren - Butte


Kim Greenwald
Facilitates ministry to our Montana missionary women 


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